Cuba vs USA : So far...and yet so close

A distant land of adventure, utopia, rebels and revolutionary heroes for some, dictators for others, Cuba is made of contrasts and paradoxes, in all places and at all times. Cuba’s complex and tormented history has evolved over the years, and one of the main factors that have influenced it is its relationships with the USA. After having been accomplices and passionate for decades, their relationships have gone to extremes and have been totally blocked since the early 1960’s. Recently, in 2015, some light and hope came out with the restoration of the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, and with the ability for the American citizens, to visit the island again, from which they had been banned for more than 50 years. These days are times for creating bridges, at least starting in the mind of some people. It’s time for some kind of reconciliation, appeasement and more openness.

Even though many aspects of the previous American presence still remained in Cuban culture or environment, all evocations of the US, of the «other side», the «forbidden world», the «enemy» (call it like you want), had been banned. Nowadays, more and more explicit evocations of the US can be found down the streets in Cuba, what would have been unthinkable still a few months ago. Cuba is a country changing, in evolution, heading to more openness to the US and the rest of the world, although still, until now, entirely faithful to its fundamental principles of the communist revolution. I went to Cuba early December 2016, a few days only after the death of former legendary president Fidel Castro. Come and have a walk down the streets of Cuba, to see all this in images.