Ethiopia is truly a world apart, a country I had read about in my teenage years and that had been on my bucket list a very long time. I will always remember the night we landed in Addis Ababa. It was like a dream come true. All that we had imagined for years was coming to life around us, even in just the capital city.

We first headed to the south of the country, exploring the storied Omo Valley. There, we found a sublime and powerful way of life, timeless nature in all its majesty, and mysterious rituals that have remained unchanged since the dawn of time. We travelled by jeep and met the Hamar, Mursi, Karo and Bodi tribes, each more fascinating than the other. We continued our trip to the north of the country, to Bahir Dar, Lake Tana, Gonder and Lalibela, discovering some of the world’s most astounding sacred sites. Wherever you decide to go in the country, a visit to Ethiopia will remain with you for a lifetime.