★ CUBA ★

There are mythical places on Earth whose simple evocation strikes imagination and awakens an irresistible desire for discoveries. Cuba is definitely one of them. A distant land of adventure, utopia, rebels and revolutionary heroes for some, dictators for others, Cuba is made of contrasts and paradoxes. With its rich cultural heritage, its complex and tormented history, its stunning and decrepit architecture, with the outstanding beauty and hospitality of its people, it floats in the air of Cuba like an almost euphoric atmosphere, with an intense and enchanting present, balanced with an obsolete nostalgia, as if time stopped there for good some fifty years ago.

I landed in Cuba in the beginning of December 2016, just two weeks after the death of the iconic legendary leader, Fidel Castro. A very special period to discover Cuba, with an even stronger desire of Cubans that I feel, to exchange about their present. And it is also there, in particular, that the magic of Cuba will come out : when meeting the Cubans. Do not hesitate for a second, go to discover Cuba, eyes and heart wide open. Now is the time!