With its magnificent lost cities, cultural heritage of amazing richness, its turbulent and fascinating history, Peru has always attracted travelers eager to discover the secrets and the riches of old civilizations. 500 years ago, Peru has seen the Inca Empire grow. Researchers are only beginning now to measure the extent of the archaeological heritage of the country, continuing to discover new sites that change each time the state of knowledge.

From the hot desert near Ica to Lake Titicaca, or fresh snowy peaks of the Andes, in the sweltering heat of the jungle wildlife, Peru has an amazing natural diversity. And the country is equally rich in cultural contrasts: Afro-Peruvian rhythms on the coast, ancient traditions of the people of the Altiplano, the hustle and bustle of Lima to the old dances of Amazonian Indians, there is plenty of choice. October 2005, I fly to Latin America for a trip to Peru and Bolivia.